A deposit is required to reserve a dress.  This is fully refundable, if cancelled within three days. After three days a $20 cancellation fee will be charged. After the event, with the acceptable return of the dress the deposit will be refunded. The dress must be returned by the designated date, or a $1o per day late fee will be assessed. 

‚ÄčThe dress must be paid, in full on or before the pickup date.
The renter is fully responsible for the safe return of the dress and accessories in good condition. The renter will bare the entire risk of loss or damage of the dress and accessories. Normal wear is expected. But severe stains, like oil, make-up, blood, etc. will result in an extra cleaning charge. If any significant rips, tears, or damage occurs, a reasonable repair fee will be assessed.

A $10 cleaning fee will be added to each dress rental. 

We accept Cash, Card or Venmo.